Jacksonville, FL Doula and Placenta Encapsulaion

Why Hello, Mama Goddess


I see you over there, gleaming with excitement and anticipation on your new arrival. You've got names picked out, your nursery may even be ready. You've got everything figured out, right? Let me ask you a question, dear mama. How do you envision your birth? Now, one more question. What are you doing to achieve this? Hearing crickets, perhaps? You aren't alone.  Let's talk about how we can make this happen, together.

I am here to help ignite a voracious fire in you to show you that you are one bad ass birthing mama. You can do this. Want to know how I know? Because you have taken that first step in taking charge of your birth so that you can have a memorable, transforming, empowering birthing experience. 


Jennifer is so awesome! She got my placenta encapsulated super fast. She is loving and caring. She constantly checks up on you, and that shows amazing character in my eyes.

My Philosophy

  • I believe a mother will birth best where she feels safe, comfortable and relaxed. This may be a traditional hospital, birthing center, or even her home.
  • I believe every birthing family should have accessible information regarding all prenatal, birthing, postpartum, and baby care procedures.
  • I believe that we need to trust that our bodies know what they are doing, we were made for this.
  • I believe birth is not an illness, it does not need to be "treated".
  • I believe that a due date is an estimate, not an expiration date.
  • I believe a partner is just as involved in the birth as the one birthing.
  • I believe a doula should be unbiased and not push their own agenda onto the family.
  • I believe that a mother should be free of guilt, no matter what her decisions are regarding interventions.
" A mother will always remember, for the rest of her life,the way she was made to feel during her birth"