My Daughter and I

Here is an image of my daughter and I. Shortly after bringing her earthside





    My journey as a Doula began before my daughter was born. My husband and I had tried to conceive her for nearly 6 years. After several devastating losses, 3 surgeries, multiple fertility treatments and an ocean of tears, she was conceived. As soon as the initial shock wore off, I was bombarded by all of these choices! It was then and there where I decided to look into a woman's birthing options..And I haven't looked back since. After all of my research and studying, I knew I was going to rock this whole childbirth thing..I mean, I had done so much research that it had to be the best birth possible.....Right?!...Wrong!

    After all of that knowledge, I was pressured into an induction, Pitocin, Cytotec, Cervidil, and after 49 hours,  a cesarean. Had I had a doula, things would have been different. I would have had a birthing coach help me achieve those birth wishes and help me speak and raise my voice for what I wanted.

   Shortly after my birth I decided that I wasn't going to let my knowledge go to waste. It was now my mission to help other expectant families avoid an experience like my own and empower the entire family through this process.

My own experience has fueled my passion for childbirth and education.