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My Birth Tips

With just a few steps, you can take charge of your birthing journey and have an empowering and transforming birth. Here are a few of my very own tips on how to do just that!


Be Choosy- This is something that I see all too often, lovelies. Families settle with the first provider that they meet. My advice is to interview several before you commit. Ask what their cesarean rate is. Talk to them about you birth wishes. Do they seem receptive or dismissive? An involved and encouraging provider who believes in your ability to birth will greatly impact your journey. Don't settle, dear mama, you WILL find your perfect provider.

Take A Tour, Or 5- Go to more than one facility (if your provider has privileges there). Ask them to show you where you will labor, the recovery room, and their the nursery .Most importantly, ask about their policies and if it is accessible in writing. Do they have lactation consultants on hand? Most importantly, do they meet your needs?

Get Educated- Francis Bacon wasn't kidding when he said "knowledge is power". Take a prenatal class, hire a doula, read literature on all things birth. Whatever you do, be sure to research, research, research. You have a lot of decisions ahead of you. Look into everything from common interventions, to circumcision, to informed consent. I promise you, once you become educated, things get a lot easier.

Communication- Take this time to communicate with your birthing partner. Talk about your expectations, wishes, and fears. Let them be apart of this journey with you. Work on your birth plan, together. Afraid that you are going to hurt their feelings on the big day? Make a code word for when you are feeling overwhelmed or cranky. The last thing you want is to get into a tiff while in labor. Another thing is to make a game plan with them for unexpected visitors. Will they be the one to shew them away and do damage control?

Choose a Rhythm- It may sound silly but I highly recommend thinking of a birthing rhythm ahead of time. A rhythm is an action that you will do during your surges. For example, once that surge hits, you can hum a 30 second song, or rock back and forth with your partner. Choosing this early will help you get ahead of the game and know what to do once they happen.

Create a Sacred Space- Just because you are in a hospital, doesn't mean it has to feel like one. Create an ambiance and a serene and tranquil space. Bring flameless candles, birth affirmations, a comfy robe, and play some music. Dim those lights and place a sign on the door that reads "please enter quietly".  Make that room you safe space. 

Most importantly, trust in yourself and the process. You are an extraordinary being and you will rock this birth, just like you do everything else in life.

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