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Informed Consent

Your water breaks and you can no longer talk through your surges. Your husband grabs your hospital bag and you head out the door to the hospital. You spend 12 hours in labor and your OB wants to discuss a cesarean since you aren't "progressing" as he thinks you should. Are you given informed consent?

What exactly is informed consent? Informed consent is a doctors obligation when recommending an intervention or procedure. So when your doctor recommends a cesarean in this situation, he needs to thoroughly discuss the procedure, risks, benefits, and alternatives. This is an opportunity to get your questions answered and know exactly how they will do the procedure..

Easy peasy, right? Wrong. Think of a time where you needed a procedure. Were all of the above thoroughly explained to you? Probably not. 

It is not true consent when you are frightened into saying yes without knowing the benefits, risks, and alternatives. Each one of these must be addressed.

Need help remembering what needs to be explained? Remember B.R.A.I.N.!