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Here Is Why You Shouldnt Discredit That New Doula.

      Recently, I met with a wonderful family that was eager to meet their new baby. They were in the market for a Doula, so we met to see if we were the right fit for each other. Whether you are using my placenta encapsulation services or birth Doula services, I always have the same question. "What qualities are you looking for in your Doula/PE Specialist". This allows me to really see if we are a good fit for each other. Will we mesh well or would a family benefit from another reputable Doula in the area? I had asked this question to the partner, first. His response was"I want a Doula who has been to a ton of births and has seen everything!" I sat back and listened to what he had to say and we ventured off onto other topics. After arriving back home, what he said really resonated with me. I have decided to tell you all of the reasons that you SHOULD hire a newer Doula, instead of immediately overlooking them.

NEWER DOULAS ARE TRAINED: Every trained Doula puts their heart and soul into their training. They all go through hours of work shops, write essays, learn the language and attend certifying births. We all learn the same techniques and coping mechanisms as Susan from so and so. Trust that newer Doula because she knows her stuff, because she spent hours researching it and learning about it.

THEY ARE HUNGRY AND EAGER: After all of that training they are so eager to get started that they are going to be so gun-ho about your birth wishes. That new Doula is going to be just as excited about this birth as you are...How special is that?! This is not to say that a more seasoned Doula wouldn't be, but I'm sure all Doulas can attest to those first few amazing births.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES: Since newly trained Doulas are building their baby business, they may have more time to dedicate to those first few families. How does this benefit you? They are more likely to be there a bit faster and have less time constraints. Need a bit more birth education? She's got you covered!

 NO ONE HAS SEEN EVERYTHING: I could scream this from the rooftops if I could, guys... There is not one Doula on the face of this earth that has seen everything. A Doula that has attended 200+ Births may not have seen something that a Doula of 2 births has. No woman, vagina,uterus,cervix, and baby is the same. Just because someone has been in the baby game for 10 years, doesn't mean they are "better", they have just had a bit more experience.

   Listen, Guys... I am not trying to deter you from a seasoned Doula. What I am trying to do is open your eyes so that you can see the positives in a newly trained birth worker. Every family has their own preferences, and that's fine. All I ask is that you meet with that newer Doula to see if you mesh well. Ask them why they got into this field and really give them a shot, because all she wants to do is empower you on this beautiful birthing journey.