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natural movement

Natural Movement In Pregnancy


Natural Movements are light stretches and exercises to stimulate the muscles needed not only for labor, but for normal physiological movements in everyday life. Over the course of many, many years, we no longer use our muscles in ways that we once did. Natural Movement helps to widen the pelvic area and reduce pressure on both mother and baby. Stretching these muscles daily will help strengthen them and aide you during your labor.


The Psoas is a group of muscles tucked behind the pelvis and is often over looked. It acts as a shelf to protect our organs. If a Psoas is tight, it often affects the space within the abdomen and causes limited range of motion in the pelvis, spine and even the legs. If you have a tight Psoas these may limit your motions during labor and cause you a disadvantage with using optimal birthing positions. A tight Psoas can also cause circulatory and innervation issues to the uterus which may cause pain during labor and child birth. Bottom line, stretch those precious muscles!

Don't think you incorporate enough natural movement into your life? Maybe sitting on the couch binge watching too much netflix(I know I'm guilty) try this seven week challenge!