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What is a Doula, Anyways?!


A Doula; also known as a birth companion, is an individual who assists before, during and after birth. They support you spiritually, emotionally and physically to ensure that you have the best birthing experience possible.

In today's world, hospitals are often not able to give a birthing woman and her family that one on one support that they need. Aside from one on one care, you may see many nurses, even some that you may not be comfortable with. A Doula provides around the clock support that makes the utmost difference in your birthing journey.  You will always remember this birthing experience, why not make it a positive one?

Doula's are known for their holistic approach. Chances are that you will see the use of essential oils, acupressure, reflexology, massage, reiki, positive affirmations, tens machine, Rebozo and mor


I support you in your decisions on how you want to birth

 Package Details

As your Birth Doula you will receive:

  • Complimentary coffee meet and greet- In order to suit your needs, first we need to make sure that we are a good match for each other. This allows us to get to know each other on a deeper and more intimate level. We will go over your expectations and goals.
  • 24/7 phone, text and email communication- my line will always be open to you, no matter the hour.
  • Access to my lending library and birth content- You will receive a ton of birth information, content and books that you can borrow as long as you need. 
  • Monthly webinars sent straight to your email- Aside from our prenatal visits, you will receive monthly webinars speaking about popular birth topics. 
  • Create your birthing wishes- we will work together to create you birthing preferences. This also includes education on common procedures and the choices that you have before, during, and after birth.
  • 2 prenatal visits before the big day- during these visits we will go over your birthing preferences, education, answer any questions you may have, create a birthing rhythm, practice positions and work on our natural movement exercises to strengthen the psoas and pelvic floor. It is important for me to meet with everyone who will be attending your birth so that we can gain a bond between all parties.
  • Labor support- I will be on call two weeks prior and two weeks after your due date. Once the big day arrives, I will be there the entire duration of your labor.
  • Lactation Support- After your birth I will stay with you to answer any breast feeding questions and to help you with that first latch.
  • 1 Postpartum visit- I will visit you after the birth in your home to go over your birthing journey and to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Placenta Encapsulation- You will receive placenta encapsulation services with my birth package.  
  • Rebozo and gift- You will receive the rebozo that is used during labor as well as a special thank you gift.
  • Bath Sitz- A bath sitz will be given to you to help with any discomfort from your birth and help heal any tears. 

Contact me today and lets figure out how we can achieve a transforming birth, together.


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